Saturday, November 7, 2009

Week 4 - Embellish This Challenge at Scrap N Craft with T

Hi all,
This week's challenge involves incorporating another "craft from the past" with my papercraft... (by "craft from the past" I mean another craft that I've been involved in / or still am - I believe it can include sewing). I have an idea in my head but as I wont have time to have photos specially printed I need to see if I have the photos I need to use the "stuff" I have in mind :). Meanwhile, I WILL tell you this... Ethan has been asking why I haven't done a layout of him for the challenge yet - [actually he's been asking me that since he saw the layout of Kaischa and I on week 1]. As last week's layout lent it self to more of a girly layout (for me anyway) he missed out again - SO... this week... I HAVE to do a layout of Ethan or he may be emotionally damaged for life!!! LOL. Stay tuned.

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